About Our Gym

Vision Statement

To show how CrossFit McKinney can make a substantial impact on our community, our families and loved ones with a fitness program that rewards people the ability to express their fitness in everyday life in as many different activities as we can imagine.

What makes CrossFit McKinney different from your typical gym?

Culture is the most important ingredient involved in what makes us who we are and what we do. Our focus is on making a positive, safe and non-intimidating environment for all our members. Everyone is included here, there are no stupid questions and we make sure and leave our ego’s at the door. We all show up with the intent to make the best version of ourselves.

Our programming is a powerful tool we help you use to make (and keep!) you healthy without putting you at risk for injury. However, you will find that what we teach will do more than just improve how much weight you can lift or how far you can run. You will experience positive side effects like better sleep, improved overall nutrition, improved self-confidence, better mirror selfies, expanded social circles, and a better understanding of yourself. 

Our gym is led by knowledgeable passionate coaches, it covers 4,000 sq. feet, houses top notch new equipment, and is filled with the most incredible, hard working, and encouraging members that any facility could ask for. 


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