Ken Davis

CrossFit L1 Coach

Ken Davis

CrossFit L1 Coach


– CrossFit Level 1

– CrossFit Running

– Lesson Planning

– Scaling

– Spot the Flaw

Self-described as a data-driven, people person.

Diagnosed with hypertension & high cholesterol at age 40.  Changed diet & began exercising again.

Completed multiple local 5K/10K & 1 half-marathon running races.  Progressed into Sprint & Olympic distance triathlons.  Enjoy backpacking into backcountry & wilderness areas.

Drawn to CrossFit due to its classification as evidence-based fitness.  It is supported by measurable, observable, repeatable data. Moreover, its methods, outputs, and criticisms are transparent, or available for anyone to see and evaluate.

The Community keeps me coming back.